Mohican Litter

Mohican Litter

Groundhog Day along with Sunshine got me out walking through the campground.  The high water we have been having has finally flushed the river from last summer’s low water.  I hate to say it but we sometimes like to have a flush of high water because it flushes the trash down to the dam at Brinkhaven.

Years gone by we use to have one day a year where all the canoe liveries along with the Ashland County Recycling Bureau would have a litter pick up on the river.  People would sign up at the different liveries and you would canoe for free and do a litter pick up along the river. (I don’t think they do it anymore)

I remember one year specifically, when we had our livery open in Perrysville, we had the Army Reserve group from Mansfield come into help. This was their one weekend a month and they chose to come and help.  Our stretch of the river was from Co Rd 1075 in Ashland County back to our place in Perrysville.  This group pulled out more tires and car parts then anyone could have imagined.  This is a very remote part of the Black Fork of the Mohican River.  We could never understand how this much trash got into the river. The Ashland Recycling group then would haul all of the trash away for us.  We then would have a big cook out for everyone who participated.  That was back from 1999-2001 when we participated in the clean ups.

After we moved our livery down to the Wally Road campground we would then have Boy Scout groups come in and let them camp for free if they did a river clean up. One year the river was too high so the group that we had in went to the state park and hiked.  Then it got to be less and less and less trash was getting picked up, but we knew there was still trash out there that needed picked up.  It just seemed that the kids were changing and society was changing. So we stopped the program when we closed our livery.

Back in the day Ken Wobbecke the owner of Mohican Wilderness would have the Boy Scout groups clean up along Wally Road in Knox County.  Many a times we have taken our UTV’s and cleaned Wally Road in our 4 mile stretch of Holmes County.

Friday we just road the road in front of our campground.  George was driving and I was picking up the trash alongside the road. I was looking over the guardrails and saw HUGE amounts of trash on both side of the road.  So we will take another day and clean up over the guardrails. 20170203_140645 20170203_141051

We will also clean up along the river where the water came into the campground a few weeks ago.  The flip flops, shoe inserts and bottles that I found amazed me, but didn’t amaze me.

This is actually how I found it along the river

We are so blessed to live in this beautiful natural area, where we watch Eagles soar over our heads, wild turkey walking through our yard and deer grazing in the fields.White tailed me!

So when you are planning your trip to the Mohican area this year, think about taking a “MOHICAN COOLER” when you go on the river.   We will actually give you part of a “MOHICAN COOLER” for FREE!!!!

You ask what is a “MOHICAN COOLER”? A garbage bag! We tell people take a bag of ice and your beverages that you are taking on the river and throw it all in the bag.  As you empty your cans you put it all back in the bag. When you are done all your trash is in one place.  No worry if you tip it is all in your bag.

One more thing while I am on my soap box (as George calls it) NO STYROFOAM COOLERS or GLASS.  In our trash pick up along the road the styrofoam and glass that we picked up was crazy!

Grab a bag and go take a walk by your house and pick up the trash that you see by where you live and then multiply that by the thousands and thousands of people who drive Wally Road and canoe the Mohican State Scenic River!

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