Electric sites

  • $40 per night on river for 2 people. One camping unit (1 tent or 1 trailer).
  • $35 per night off river for 2 people One camping unit (1 tent or 1 trailer).
  • $45 per night Premium On River gravel pad and concrete patio. One camping unit (1 trailer).


Primitive sites

  • $30 per night for 2 people off river. One camping unit (1 tent). First come first served
  • ON RIVER PRIMITIVE Group area ONLY – must reserve a minimum of 4 sites – $120 per night for 4 sites this covers 8 people and 4 tents MUST BE PAID IN FULL AT TIME OF RESERVATION maximum number of 8 sites

Additional People in the same Camping Unit

  • $10 per Adult per night
  • $5 per child 11-17 per night
  • No charge for children 10 and under.
  • Additional tent on the same site is the same price as on its own site, based on 2 people unless the tent is for your under age 18 children. Additional tents on a site are per our discretion.

Day Visitors for Campers or Cabins

  • All visitors must register upon arrival and leave campground by 10pm.
  • Visitor Pass must be displayed at all times while on the campground property.
    • $10 per Adult per night
    • $5 per child 11-17 per night
    • No charge for children 10 and under
  •  Check in– we only take cash or credit cards. We guarantee sites are ready at 4 p.m. there may be a possibility of sites being ready by 2 p.m.
  • IF YOU ARRIVE BEFORE 2 P.M.  You will be CHARGED $20. An advance reservation must be made for this We need time to clean & mow campsites, maintenance in park, etc.
  • Check out is NOON
  • Camping Prices are based on 2 people/1 camping unit (a camping unit is one tent or one RV) Additional people over the age of 10 can be paid for upon arrival.
  • Squirt guns, hoses and harassing canoers! If anyone in your group
    harasses people in the river you will be asked to leave the campground with
    NO REFUND and NO return. Please consider this your warning! No
    exceptions! If you take squirt guns when you go canoeing just know that when you land onto Smith property put them away. This includes your children!
  • Guests must be registered before going to your campsite. Please make sure your guests know BEFORE they arrive that they will PAY a guest fee of $10 per adult and $5 per child 11-17 years old to visit you.
  • CANCELLATION –If you need to cancel a reservation that you have made
    payment on, you will have the opportunity to rebook at that time of cancellation for a different date within the same calendar year, IF the cancellation is made 10 days prior to your arrival you can reschedule! If you require a check written refund there is a $10 processing fee. Any cancellation made LESS than 10 days prior to arrival you will forfeit your first night’s stay.
  • Weather is NOT a cancellable reason.
  • WAITLIST POLICY –You want a river site but they are all full for the weekend that you want to come. If you take an off-river site we will put you on the waitlist for a river site.  Paid Off river sites have precedent over any waitlist. If all sites are full we will put you on a wait list for first available.
  • Wait list is done BY EMAIL ONLY info@3smiths.com