Special Info - Rules

At Smith’s Campground & Cabins we strive for you to have the most relaxing and enjoyable time possible! We are glad that you chose our campground, canoe livery, and/or cabins! We will serve and accommodate you as best we can! We will also enforce the following rules for the safety and enjoyment of all our campers!

  1. You are entering an area that may have natural hazards. Sometimes in nature there are things that we cannot prepare for or control. We want everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times. If at any time there is a concern, please inform the office immediately!
  2. Respect your fellow campers, their campsite & their property. Harassment of canoer’s of any type – throwing water balloons, squirting with water guns or hose’s is grounds for eviction.
  3. Children are their parent’s responsibility. Do not leave your children unattended anywhere on the property at any time.
  4. Playground closes at dusk and an adult must accompany all children at all times in park.
  5. Fireworks are prohibited. Chinese lanterns, sparklers or any are grounds for eviction.
  6. Firearms are prohibited.
  7. Do not trespass on private property across the river or fenced in property. These are our neighbors.
  8. Alcohol beverages must be kept in moderation. Underage consumption is AGAINST THE LAW and will be handled accordingly. The same rules apply to tobacco products.
  9. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Keep barking in check. Do not leave unattended. Pets must be cleaned up at all times
  10. Conserve water & electricity.
  11. Speed limit is 5 mph throughout park.
  12. Do not use the electric poles to tie off tents or clotheslines.
  13. Do not deface, cut or destroy trees or foliage.
  14. ADA aware.
  15. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  16. No rainchecks or refunds will be issued.
  17. Minimum of 15’ between campers.
  18. Campfires must be within a “Fire Ring” attended to at all times and contained within ring.
  19. Anyone who creates a nuisance will be asked to leave the grounds without a refund.
  20. Failure to abide by these rules will result in eviction without a refund.
  21. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any of our properties and or facilities for the good of the business and or safety of the people.
  22. Observe all safety videos and precautions when canoeing or near the water.
  23. Gates will be shut with no leaving or entering during quiet hours! (Quiet Hours - 10pm until 8am)

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